Live Monthly Windowsill Workshops hosted by Margo Tantau of   Windowsill Chats

We’ll feature a live workshop featuring one of our clever podcast guests as your creative teacher!

  • Now you can do more than just listen, you can play and create as well.
  • Learn the basic skills needed from a wide variety of creative pursuits, and continue experimenting with the insights you'll gain.
  • Get hands-on knowledge about what my Windowsill Chats Podcast guests love to do, from the guests themselves!
  • A chance to ask questions, be in community with others, make connections.
  • New creative workshops each month.
  • Learn a variety of new skills you never may have thought of. It's never too late to try something new!

Come and get creative with us! 

Live & Pre-recorded Workshops 

Making Preserves: Delicious Fruit to Yummy Jam with Tom Conway

Making jam is rite of summer, resulting in a treat that shines on through any season and any time you open a jar from your efforts. In this workshop, Tom will show you how to select your fruit, make jam from just a few ingredients and preserve your yummy treasure in a hot water bath for a good shelf life.

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Playful Prints & Patterns for Your Creative Soul

Rachael Taylor walks us through the basics of transforming simple doodles and floral drawings into prints and patterns in an intuitive way that will ignite your creative soul!

Get tips and tricks from Rachael in Adobe Illustrator to create something magnificent! 

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Abstract Artistry with Carolyn Gavin

Embrace your inner child and forget all the walls you put up around yourself which can sometimes inhibit the creative flow. Play with paint, line, texture, and color. Use all your favorites with a happy palette, then let go and cut it up!

Painter, Illustrator, and Designer Carolyn Gavin will show us how to loosen up, be free & use a mix of materials to create an interesting abstract!

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Art for Self-care, Messages to Yourself with Jessica Swift

Want to learn how to use your creativity as a powerful tool to process your feelings, to heal, and to get to know yourself better?

Join us as artist, fabric + surface pattern designer, author, and mama of two creative young kids Jessica Swift shows us how to make art for self-care.

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Let's Mindfully Make Mandalas with Beth Buffington 

A Mandala is a harmonious blend of energy and peace. Procreate’s Rotational Symmetry provides a mindfully artistic way to create beautiful…relaxing… Mandalas! If you do not have Procreate - Beth will show you how to create a Mandala with paper and pen that will be equally creative and relaxing.

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Get Folked Up: Folky Wall Charm with Sarah Walsh

Make a fun folk art inspired wall charm you can hang on your wall all year long with Sarah Walsh of Tigersheep Friends.

Sarah will walk you through how to turn everyday materials into folky magic!

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Valentine's Shadowbox Workshop with Jill Schwartz

Join us as Jill Schwartz walks us through turning everyday things around your home or studio into a beautiful Valentine's Shadowbox.

Create a 3-d greeting to tell that special person you love them and to wish them a Happy Valentines Day!

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Bejeweled Felt Tree Ornament!

Heather of Heather Donohue Crafts will lead this workshop showing her techniques for making a vintage-inspired felt tree ornament that incorporates her frequently-used beading and embellishing techniques!



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Illustrated Cookies with Ana Bianchi

Join Ana and her daughter for this light-hearted workshop where they will show you how they manage to make so many unique cookies every holiday season. This will be a fun workshop that will teach you one more way to stretch your imagination and creativity and make something everyone will enjoy!

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Birds & Words with Terry Runyan & Lynn Giunta

Terry & Lynn will teach you to paint birds from blobs, cut paper, and mixed media.  In addition, they will cover having fun with making patterns, tips on how to cut out lettering, and show how to make everything you’ve learned into a final piece of art.


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Artful Junk Bird with Lori Siebert

Lori Siebert of Siebert & Company will share how she takes her hoard of “stuff” and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind bird sculpture that you can hang in your home year-round. 

Create a fun, unique, and quirky bird ornament. Make a special gift for yourself or a friend!

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Easy-Peasy: How to Make the Best Pie Ever!

On his blog, Tom shares recipes, projects, island life, farm duties, and the joy of growing fruit, flowers, and good food.

Join us as Tom guides us step by step to create a yummy pie the easy-peasy way!


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An Accordion Sketchbook Garden Story

Jennifer Orkin Lewis from August Wren shows us how to create and paint a meditative mixed floral garden with birds and bees in a simple handmade accordion sketchbook. 
You'll use various pens and media to try different ways of interpreting what we see in a joyful, non-perfectionist style.

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Spun Cotton Cuties & Creepers with Sarah Hand

Join us as Sarah hand guides us through the basics of creating our very own creating spun cotton cuties and creepers.

Perfect for beginners to advanced crafters!

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Expressive Blooms with Deane Christiansen

Join us as Deane Christiansen guides us through how she creates her beautiful loose florals starting from basic beginner strokes. Learn about her favorite brushes and their key features, and her approach to free-flowing and interesting compositions. Perfect for beginners to advanced painters!

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Creative Spark Art Journaling with Dayle Bennett

Revive your creative spark through art journaling. Learn how to have fun with color, as we create art journaling pages that are uniquely you.


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Fab, Folk, Foral with Esté MacLeod

Join us as Esté MacLeod walks us through creating imaginary folk-inspired floral artwork using her Creative Leap method of drawing with letters as an anchor point. 


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Paint, Snip & Stick Collaging with Tracey English

Tracey English walks us through the basics of Collaging. Learn how to prepare colored textured papers, which papers to use, and how to put together a collaged piece of artwork!


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Block-Print Your Own "Big Girl Pants" with Bethany Andrews-Nichols

Join us as Bethany from Beenanza Design walks us through the basics of Block-Printing.
From designing a simple block to creating a dynamic pattern that you can add to a piece of your favorite clothing!

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Hi. I'm Margo.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

A little bit about why me & why this...

I have spent basically my whole life immersed in some sort of creative project or another. I love putting art out into the world, especially the work of other creatives.

I am an entrepreneur first, however I’ve got decades of experience in design, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, product development, licensing and all around management of artful products and creative people.

My absolute favorite pursuit though, is helping other artists and creatives grow by focusing on what they do best. That’s why I created Tantau Studio. I love helping people hone in on what lights them up, and then watching the magic that can unfold. I mentor and teach students through the Make Art that Sells courses, my Windowsill Chats Podcast and Relish Monthly Membership, and now, Windowsill Workshops.

I promise you will find something that will entertain or delight, the time to play & dream, and I’ll bet you’ll even learn something new. I look forward to supporting you as you grow into your potential even more along the way.

I see you shining!

 xxo Margo

Come and get creative with us!!!

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